Monday, January 17, 2005

Shaking off a few Monkeys

I seem to have gotten my wish: the To Do list that was once scraped clear is starting to pile up once again.

On the grad school front, I've managed to confirm that the first batch of reference letters have made their way to Carleton. Thanks go to Dr. Martyn and Dr. Butler for that one. The list of paperwork is dwindling, but there's still a significant amount to gather before the two applications can go out. How people can apply for five or six grad schools in a single year is beyond me. Grad school monkey, you are about to be shaken from my back with great vigor. Have a nice flight.

Oh, but he has company. The monkey that appears to have the grip of steel is the benefit dinner. This was driven home with particular force when I asked around at work to see who was interested in attending a $50 a plate benefit and silent auction for the Canadian Landmine Foundation. Answer: no one.

So far, I still need to organize a caterer, create a guest listen, get items for the auction, organize media coverage, figure out how to take ticket reservations, and get word out about the event. And this needs to be done in a little over a month, during which I'll be out of the country for a week. Good times.

Yes, I know. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Well, I don't expect any sympathy on this one. It's still an optional project that I volunteered myself for, knowing that it would be a good chunk of work. But perhaps this time, the lesson will stick: I should know when to keep my pie hole shut and just enjoy a little peace and quiet now and again.

Does anyone know of a good catering company in the Kingston area?


At 3:45 p.m., Blogger JTL said...

We did a grad student social at Tango downtown; they may also do exterior catering. We only had hors d'oeuvres, but they did an excellent job with those; I'd imagine their meals are just as dee-lish.


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