Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Nothing quite so fine as a clean cottage

The cottage is now company-ready again, which is a good feeling. Contrary to my earlier, and wiser, prediction that I would wait a full week before walking out on the ice, I went out on it last night. I was really stunned by how still and beautiful it was, until I got about a hundred meters from the dock, when the "ground" beneath my feet started to creak and moan. I elected to go back inside, lest I tempt fate.

I watched the Royal Tennenbaums last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. For those of you not acquainted with the work of Wes Anderson (Rushmore, Royal Tenenbaums, and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou) I highly recommend his films. He develops very interesting characters, even though the plots themselves tend to be a little insubstantial. That may be deliberate, I can't really tell. I'm no filmographer.

The U.S. is debating whether they should up the bounty on bin Laden from $25 to $50 million dollars. I'm not sure that's really going to make much of a difference. How many bounty hunters are going to suddenly sit up and think, "What? Now they're offering fifty mill? Well, now that it's real money we're talking about..."? They should at least make it interesting. Toss in a 20 minute horsie ride from Dubya, and maybe you'll get some more takers.

Two Master's applications has become three. I figure, while I'm on a role, might as well keep it going. Granted, I'm not sure what kind of a chance I have getting into the London School of Economics but hey, why not?

Tomorrow is my big day for benefit-dinner-organizing. We'll see how that goes. Still need to get donations and a catering company.

It surprises me to call a catering company to offer them business, and then not get a return call. Yes, I'm offering you the chance to make money. Would you like to take me up on it? Please? Oh yes, I'll speak to your answering machine. Oh wait... you're the business, you're supposed to be making things easier for me. Sorry, I forgot. Click.

Oh, one last thing: wings tonight at the Brass, 6:00 pm. Be there.


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