Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Cure for the Common Boredom

It took a day or two of pondering, but I think I've found a project to eat up some of the spare time I have kicking around these days. I'm going to try and host a benefit at work for the Canadian Landmine Foundation. The idea would be to hold a combination dinner and silent auction to try and raise funds for the worthy charity. Though just by looking at their name, you may be confused as to whether they place landmines or remove them. I'm pretty sure that they remove them. I should probably check on that.

It's still in the infant stages of being an idea, but I talked to my boss about it and he seemed to think it would fly. So if anyone out there has some good contacts with caterers, restaurants, companies, etc. that would be willing to donate something to the evening or to the auction, I'd really appreciate hearing from you. I'm working on getting tax receipts issued for both monetary and material donations.

Step two in curing my boredom was to create an "In case of boredom" mug that I now keep on my desk. Inside this mug are mixed-up scraps of paper. When I withdraw one, I have to follow its instructions.

For example:

"Go bake a fresh, hot apple pie. Take the pie to a friend's house. Ring the doorbell. Run away before they get to the door."

"Get on a highway. Every time a turnoff comes up, flip a coin to decide whether or not you'll take it. Continue with this until you've flipped the coin ten times or you're hopelessly lost, whichever comes first. Next restaurant you see, go there for a meal."

"Go to a bar that you'd never, ever go to of your own accord. Bring a friend. Dress in character."

"Think about your earliest childhood friend. Write a page about them - what they looked like, how they acted, where you think they are now, etc."

"Try to start a game of tag with complete strangers."

... any suggestions? The mug still has some room left in it.


At 6:37 p.m., Blogger Langblog said...

My friend Brendan put on a show for the Landmine Foundation in early November...he got a couple of musical acts and hosted everything at the Grad Club.
I know this probably doesn't help you find people to cater, etc, but it's a pretty well recognized cause and I'm sure you won't have a lot of trouble. Good on you for doing something like this!

At 10:20 p.m., Blogger Captain Erin 2000 said...

Hey, I could go for an apple pie (hint, hint...)

OR season 3 of 24. Hint. Hint. ;)

At 8:13 a.m., Blogger Ryan said...

Lang: It helps to know that events have been run for it in Kingston before, and that there's been a good response. I have until March to get it together, so I should be able to figure things out... the tax receipts will be key.

Erin: Are you around tonight, at around 5:00 or so? Yonek and I are making our traditional visit to KFC, so I could probably drop it off on the way there or back. The 24, not the pie. It's no fun if you're expecting it. It has to be Surprise Pie.

At 8:59 a.m., Blogger Captain Erin 2000 said...

Yeah, I'll be home. See you then:)


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