Sunday, December 19, 2004

I can practically taste the Cattle Baron

Busy couple of days, which has been nice. The upside of no longer being stupidly busy is the ability to take a few luxuries that I'd been forced to pass on before. Little things, like being able to take my grandmother to church, and head out for an impromptu pint with Jake. Perhaps I could get used to this "spare time" thing, after all.

As anyone looking at the weather outside could probably tell by common sense alone, barbeque season has officially ended. As for myself, it took ten minutes of trying to light a gas-filled barbeque in gale winds in my bedroom slippers before I finally gave up. It's a tragic moment. I love the cottage, but it's just not the same without the charred meat.

I'm excited about going back to Calgary, if for no other reason than it will allow me to revisit the Cattle Baron. My friend Sean and I first went to the Cattle Baron as a dare, having seen the bright neon red sign from another parking lot, and thinking it would be a horrible, tacky place with sawdust floors and steaks the size of a regulation football. We were wrong. It's actually a really nice steakhouse. Check it out if you're ever out west.

I picked up a pack of bidis today. They're cigarettes from India, and they smell as though someone lit a mattress on fire. I was introduced to them by a friend around examtime last year, and was feeling a bit nostalgic. Having just finished smoking one, I now realize that I need to find points of nostalgia that won't give me cancer.

Still haven't booked Cuba, but that'll be taken care of in a few days, regardless of what happens to the cost of the vacations. I'm off to Calgary for 22nd - 29th December. As for the rest of tonight, I have a date with a glass of scotch and a showing of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Cheers.


At 7:17 p.m., Blogger JTL said...

Do they still have a Red Devil restaurant in Calgary? They have a hot sauce so hot that (a.) they make you sign a waiver beforehand, (b.) it's in a bottle with an eyedropper, and (c.) the waitress has to dole it out; they don't leave you alone with it at your table.

At 7:17 p.m., Blogger JTL said...

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At 11:51 a.m., Blogger Captain Erin 2000 said...

Cuba WILL happen. I don't care if it's just you and me, man, or if I have to friggin go alone. It's on.

At 12:35 p.m., Blogger JTL said...

Go, be merry, have a great time down south. (My wallet is breathing a little easier these days.) Are there New Year's plans in the offing, out of curiosity?

At 2:39 p.m., Blogger Ryan said...

Jason: Mayhaps, depends on when the flight is booked to leave. The way it appears right now, it'll be party until about 3 am, then get on the road and drive to Toronto for an early morning flight. I'll let you know when the booking's been made, and New Years plans are finalized. But I think there's a few of us around over the holidays.


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