Friday, January 28, 2005

Some questions

Here are some things that I'm curious about.

- Do women really judge potential romantic interests on their shoes? I've heard this one before from some of my female friends, and I'm curious to how wide-spread this is. If so, what kind of shoes are best? And which are worst? Be honest, even if it means that you need to post anonymously. (For the guys: Do you do the same thing?)

- Is it acceptable or expected for someone in a relationship to occasionally "take a dive" at a sport or game that he or she is good at in order to allow their partner to save face? Or is that insulting? What if they beat you in Scrabble 38 times in a row? Isn't that a bit much, no matter how gracious he or she is being about it?

- What would be the worst present that someone could reasonably expect to receive? I'm pretty sure my Dad still holds the record for this from when he gave my mother a digital scale for Christmas.

- What is the one action/traite/behaviour that is an absolute kiss of death for the first date? Yes, this could turn into a GW article very quickly - so it has to be something that you've actually dealt with. And bonus points if it's something really subtle (like Erin's friend, who really really hates gum).

Please feel free to answer all of these or some of these. I'm very curious to see what kind of responses I get.


At 1:30 p.m., Blogger JTL said...

#2: I think it's alright to take a dive, but only if the games have been close. Let's say you're bowling with your SO, and beating them 150-20 every game... it would look suspicious for you to tank and only score 3 the next game. But if it's consistently a 30-point-or-less gap, I think it could be doable.

#4: Smoking. Granted, it's not subtle... but at the end of the date I don't want to kiss an ashtray.

At 5:45 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright. I have to make a comment. The shoe thing? I totally do that, but it's much more complex than you think it is. First of all, it only gets to the shoe thing if all the big important things are present and accounted for, so it's really like a final proof-read before I decide to go for it. There is no definitive "right" shoe, but I do tend to like an over-all casual guy, so for me, hikers or something puma-esque makes me happy. Unless he's wearing a suit, then the shoes just have to match (black suit and brown shoes? not a chance). As for the wrong shoes? If you're wearing loafers? Just don't.

At 7:51 p.m., Blogger Femtosecond said...

Wait, you're saying a gun isn't a good gift for a girl? No wonder my ex shot me in the leg!

At 8:52 p.m., Blogger Kelly said...

1) nope. it would be amazing if i actually noticed the shoes. i'm usually not overly observant when it comes to these kinds of things.

2) i'd hate it if i knew someone did that for me. but i don't think i'd be overly mature about winning either. meh.

3) a cell phone for christmas (it took me a few months to actually use it once, and then, like a year to use it again....)

4) i honestly hate smoking. but i could overlook that if it's someone i sorta knew before the date. um, since you want it to be something i've actually dealt with, that's all i've got, since i don't date.

At 10:19 a.m., Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

Re. #1: It's not necessarily the shoes, it's the entire ensemble. If he's wearing runners with a suit, for instance, I'd have issues.

Re. #2: If in a relationship, a dive isn't a good thing. I would be definitely annoyed, however, at being beaten 38 times in a row at Scrabble. Or even Uno!

Re. #3: Hmmm... Books on dieting come to mind. It doesn't matter how popular the South Beach Diet is, I'd be ticked to receive it from anyone.

Re. #4: Answering/talking on the cell phone during a date. Absolutely a kiss of death. And smoking, as well. Mind you, if I knew he was a smoker beforehand, I probably wouldn't even go out with him.

At 1:34 a.m., Blogger 'nee said...

#1: No

#2: No

#3: Yah, you Dad totally wins.

#4: Saying "You know, it's not that I don't like poor people, but really it's their own fault." Or "It's not that I'm a racist, but those East Indians kinda smell bad, you know?" I could go on, but it hurts. It just hurts.

At 7:14 p.m., Blogger Ryan said...

1.) I'm curious as to how women read the combat boots that I wear almost permanently in winter. But I do have nice shoes, for the appropriate occasion. In reverse, I do occasionally check a girl's shoes - but it's usually only an issue if she's wearing gigantic go-go boots in an inappropriate setting (ie. church.)

2.) I would take a dive if I could tell my girlfriend really, really wanted me to, but then and only then. (I doubt this would ever occur in my present relationship) I would not want anyone to take a dive for my sake, regardless.

3.) Not that I received it, but I stand by the scale comment.

4.) I once went on a date with a girl who talked incessantly. I'm pretty chatty, so when I'm unable to get a word in edgewise, that's a bad sign. Also, she told the same stories multiple times on the same date. That would be the worst. Smoking is not necessarily appreciated (cigars excepted), but tolerated. Smoking during meals would drive me insane.


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