Friday, March 18, 2005


An exclamation mark makes things so much more exciting, don't you think?

Things have gone well this week. I find it hard to believe that I have four work-days left to my contract. Not that the term "contract" is exceptionally relevant, considering that it appears as though they'll have work for me straight through to the end of August, with a few breaks in the mean time. I'm starting to hatch a scheme with Channing that would require a bit of travel, so I doubt I'll have too much trouble getting a bit of time off.

I'm terribly excited about the launch of Operation Cottage Beer III. The originaly Operation Cottage Beer was launched when I found out I wasn't, in fact, going to Bosnia (Operation Palladium), and had to find some way of entertaining myself. Hence, Operation Cottage Beer. For those of you around in the summer, you're support will be needed. I have no intention of drinking this much beer by myself.

I'm going to be doing the final bit of research for the Tremblant trip this weekend. We still have one open position, so let me know if you're interested. Current plan is to leave Friday morning or afternoon and return Sunday evening. For you GW types, that means you still get to make Press Nite.

Still no word from Carleton regarding my application to a Master's. There may be an envelope sitting in my mailbox this second, but considering my "mailbox" is a PO box in Inverary, it's hard to know. I'm trying my damndest to be patient, but if I don't hear from them by the 20th (I was told I'd hear back around mid-March) then I'll e-mail them and see what's going on.

Anyone else going to meet-up at Brew Pub tonight? I won't be closing the place down, but I was planning on stopping by.


At 1:07 p.m., Blogger JTL said...

I'd like to lend a hand to OCBIII.

At 8:15 a.m., Blogger Ryan said...

JTL: You'll be more then welcome to. I'm really gunning for an early spring, once the ski trip has past. Are you going to be around for over the summer?


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