Thursday, February 10, 2005

Weekday Weekend

Work occasionally requires me to come in on weekends. This, normally, would be an issue, but for one little perk - if I work a weekend, I'm given time off during the week to compensate. Typically, I use this time to run the errands that I can't usually get done on a weekend. But every once in a while (ie. now) I find myself with what is essentially a miniature vacation, with which I can do whatever I please.

Until the benefit dinner was postponed, these days had been earmarked for a last-ditch effort to get things in order. Instead, I've stubornly decided that I'll burn the last of my CDs to my iPod. Sounds like a reasonable idea, right? Well, that's what I thought, too. Until my ass fell asleep about two hours ago.

I'm down to the last three CDs, finally. According to the ever-helpful iTunes, I have about 4.2 days of music in my playlist. Yes, that's right. Days. Without taking breaks for sleeping or eating. How I ever managed to accumulate this much music is beyond me. I have to admit, though, that burning it to my hard drive has been a bit of a trip down memory lane. Particularly the angst-filled high school years. I never knew that I owned this much Ozzy Osbourne. And how the hell did a Sarah McLachlan CD find its way in there? Bizarre.

This doesn't include the pile of CDs that enjoyed a short-lived occupation change to frisbee on their way into the 'round file.' This may sound wasteful to you, until you consider that I had spent 5 years reviewing CDs for Golden Words.

Imagine accumulating 5 years worth of the kind of CDs that you'd send to a campus newspaper for free, and you can begin to imagine the way these CDs were dragging down the overall quality of the collection. I doubt I could've pawned them for more than three buttons and an 8-track player. There was a CD by former Spice Girl Melanie C, for heaven's sake.

Even with this ruthless housekeeping, I've still burned CDs that I doubt I'll ever listen to, but am still unwilling / unable to part with. It's not that I have anything against Ron Sexsmith per se, but I doubt I'd consciously choose to listen to his music unless I'd just been told I had inoperable brain tumor and wanted to feel sorry for myself.

Apart from this grueling task, I'm planning to generally spend this "weekend" being as unproductive as possible. recently shipped me a copy of Robert A. Heilein's Starship Troopers, which I imagine I'll cut through by the time this weekend's out. Spending some time in the woods alone with my thoughts and smoking a freshly-packed pipe also sounds pretty appealing.

I am planning to update the "Friends" section in the right-hand margin. If by some reason you're a regular to this blog and I neglect to list you, please let me know. And for those of you who're around regularly and have yet to post a comment, it would be nice to hear from you. This blogging thing is still new to me, so I'd be interested to see who's checking it out, and how they heard of it.

For those of you in the Kingston area, I'm in the process of getting a crew together to get fancied up this Friday and go for a few drinks over at the General Wolfe. We'll probably leave at around 8:30 or so to catch the ferry. If you're up for it, give a shout.


At 11:47 p.m., Blogger Eve said...

So here's something frightening: I have around 150 CDs, plus the stuff on my drive. Assuming 100 of those aren't in mp3 form and are 40 minutes long on average, that's 2 days, 18 hours. Add to the that the number of days worth of mp3s on my computer, an you get 25 days, 3 hours worth of music. Ouch.

At 12:07 a.m., Blogger Ryan said...

That's frightening. I thought I was doing well when I peaked out at 4.5 days. I think I have around 100-150 CDs, as well. No wonder the music industry is so huge... that's probably close to $3000 in music over the years.

At 1:23 p.m., Blogger Langblog said...

Yowza, that's a lot of music!

I can't do the math like you crazy...uh...math cats, but my music takes up about 8 gigs on my shit-puter, and I have 250 cds, and...uh...that sounds like enough music for eight babies' lifetimes. Or something. Anyway, the point of all this is that I would love to have an IPod.

At 4:43 p.m., Blogger Ryan said...

My 6 GB translates to 4.5 days of music. Assuming we use similar file quality, that means your 8 GB would be 6 days.

And assuming there's no overlap between that and your CDs, and we assume that a CD averages about 1 hour, then that's an additional 10.4 days. So a total of 16.4 days.

This just in: I'm a giant math nerd.

At 8:06 p.m., Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

I am honoured to be included on your friends list. I think I shall reciprocate, if you don't mind.

You wouldn't believe my husband's CD collection. Although it isn't as large as yours, it's his trip down 1980's memory lane and includes 10 AC/DC CDs, 10 Van Halen CDs, and just about every cheesey 80s band you can name. I'm sick of Men at Work and The Thompson Twins! We even drove out to Kanata once (about a half-hour drive on the Queensway) for the prospect of a Box CD - which they didn't have in the end. I like some 80s music, but I'm reasonable about it.

Hey, the Sarah McLachlan CD obvioulsy means you have taste.

At 12:22 p.m., Blogger Ryan said...

W.C.: Thanks for putting me on your friends list. I always appreciate having as wide a possible audience for my cigars reviews and orphan jokes. On a serious note, I thought it was very gracious of you to say that you thought this blog was well-written.

I think every guy has some means of clinging to the past that defies rational thought. This would explain why I still have Bad Religion CDs in my collection and every Transformer's episode on VHS.

As much as I'm confused as to the original of the Sarah McLachlin CD, I will admit that she has some very good music. Also, I do a fair bit of entertaining, so it's nice if I can offer my guests a choice of music that doesn't involve blazing guitar solos.

At 10:29 p.m., Blogger Channing said...

I have about 20 CD's stored on my X-box, another 60 or so CD's that I actually own and an incredible 18 GB of MP3's on my hard-drive... what's that work out to? Maybe I don't want to know.

How do you post a picture of yourself in your Blogger ID?


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