Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Getting Healthimified

I've decided that my priority for this summer is to live a healthier lifestyle. I had a pretty decent routine going when I was in Kingston, but I let most of that slide when I came to Ottawa. I stopped going to the gym, started smoking more cigars, spent more time at the bars... with predictable results. It's not that I've packed on major weight - clothing still fits, thankfully - but I definitely had less energy, and was less physically fit.

So, hence the new priority. I've timed this to coincide with the change in weather, and with Andrea's move to Ottawa. It didn't help that we only had the weekends together, and that typically involved one of spending a lot of time on the 401/416/417 highway combo. Thus, the timing for this decision.

The Glebe has a tennis club, so I think we're going to get membership there. It seems like a nice enough place, and doesn't look overly busy. I'm not particulary good at tennis, but Andrea claims that she isn't either, so hopefully we find our uniform lack of skill doesn't pose any kind of problem.

The other big change is that I'm riding my bike to work these days. Apart from saving myself some pretty solid cash as far as gas and parking is concerned, it's great exercise and a fairly scenic ride. I'm ridiculously stiff right now - I haven't ridden a bike with any regularity since I was about fifteen - but think I'll be able to keep it up for most of the summer, particularly seeing as it takes about the same amount of time as it does to drive to my very-distant cheap parking lot.

All this to lead in to a question: has anyone else done some lifestyle-changing over the past little while? And, if so, any suggestions? Good snacks, ways to increase exercise, little tricks, all would be very much appreciated.