Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Man of Leisure

I've been exhausted the past few days, having burnt the candle at both ends since Wednesday. When I've worked over the weekend, I usually get to take a few days off, but this time around they needed me to open the building on Monday and Tuesday. It's not particularly demanding, but it adds about another hour on to your day.

As of 4 pm this afternoon, my contract will be completed. Any and all work that they ask me to do from this point on will be at my discretion. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with all of this extra time. I doubt that I'll fall down the path to boredom, as I did in mid-December.

Not this time. Not with the weather like this. I can still remember the pure, unadulterated joy I felt in sprawling out under the sun, beer in one hand and book in the other, listening to music on my porch. If this weather continues the way it has, that's what April has in store for me.

I talked to the fine people at the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs, who informed me that the results would be mailed out to everyone at the end of the month. So I can breathe easy for a few days, at least. I'm still planning to check my mailbox on the way out to the cottage tonight, but the absence of word is no longer abnormal.

Although the Tremblant trip was cancelled, one valuable lesson was learned: I can get a room virtually anywhere at any time, if I go through bed & breakfasts versus conventional hotels. Without a word of a lie, every hotel and condo rental agency was sold out by the time I got to them to plan the trip.

After three minutes on Bed and Breakfast Canada I was able to find between five to ten places that suited my needs and offered a good price. And a double bonus to those of you out there who disagree with supporting heartless, faceless hotel chains.

I'm not the first to comment on the wonder of these webomics, but I'd like to give a plug for the Perry Bible Fellowship and Daily Dinosaur Comics. Here are two excellent ways to waste time at work. Enjoy.


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